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About Me

I am an ideator and a challenger of ideas, biased towards action. I want to be the source of aha! moments for myself, and others I meet/work/live with.

My purpose is to create evolved confusion leading towards action and harmony - I want to do it through ideas, enterprise and teaching.

The problems that hurt me are cruelty and rigidity - most intensely in gender politics and animal rights.

Travel makes me happy, because it makes me meet me and connects me to the common soul we share - it helps me move, move, move.

Love, for me, can be a million things - faith and faithlessness, intimacy and distance, teaching and learning, truths and lies, transience and permanence.

I am willing to look like a fool pursuing what my heart tugs me towards, I am willing to disappoint another if it means being true to myself.

An Ideal Day In My Life

If I Were A Listicle

  1. I love animals. All animals. Just ask these guys:
  2. I describe my creative process thus: Procrastinate for days and call it gestation. Write everything down in one burst and stick with it and call it inspiration.
  3. I have gone deep-sea diving in 3 countries, and jumped off a cliff in 9.

  4. I'm an official school photographer with Yale SOM:

  5. I've been a state-level Volleyball player, run a half-marathon, and most recently, finished the Spartan Vermont Sprint:

Created as a project to process and share growth and learnings at Teach For India's 2014 Training Institute. Conceptualized, Produced, Edited by me.

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